Temple Buddhist Blessing

Early Morning: Monk Blessing Ceremony at the Temple

A Thai Buddhist Blessing for foreigner is a wonderful way to refresh a marriage or begin a new.

We offer a most memorable Thailand Buddhist Blessing with the preparations of the day beginning with early morning offerings to the Monks in front of the Thai temple at a small shrine, set up especially for the occasion, offering of flower, food, and a traditional bowl of rice.

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Chiang Mai
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Hua Hin
Koh Chang Temple Buddhist Blessing
Koh Chang

Once the offerings have been given we then move inside the temple to begin by prayers and chanting by the Monks. We then do the lighting of the candles and incense. You will then be seated directly in front of the Buddhist Monks, where you will receive the blessing of the head monk. The Monks will begin chanting, beautiful Buddhist chants, echoing throughout the temple.

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Pattaya Temple Buddhist Blessing Ceremony
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Samui Temple Buddhist Blessing

After the chanting you then join hands in pouring the holly water from a small bottle into a bronze bowl that you give to the head Monk and will receive the holly water sprinkled lightly all over your body. You will then give the Monks simple offerings to be blessed, and prayers will be said for you and all your family and friends.

Temple Thai Buddhist Morning Blessing Video

Buddhist Blessing Package : Thailand

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Temple Thai Buddhist Morning Blessing Include

  • Briefing with Wedding Master about all ceremony steps.
  • Hair Dressing and Making Up.
  • Traditional Thai Costumes for Couple and use of Thai Jewelry for Female.
  • Fresh Flower Buttonhole for Male.
  • Fresh Flower Bouquet for Female.
  • Photographer with unlimited shooting + all photos in USB or Cloud Storage.
  • Round trip transfer from/to your hotel.
  • Scented cold towel and drinking water.
  • Master of Ceremony.
  • 3 Buddhist monks + Fees.
  • Alms, offering packages for the monks and temple donations.
  • 2 fresh Flower Garlands for the Couple.
  • Painting 3 Dots on each of their foreheads.
  • Sacred Head Slings.
  • String of luck charm bracelets for couple and also participants.
  • Holy Water Ceremony.
  • Blessing Certificate from our company (Non official).
  • Flower petals shower after ceremony.
  • Three Wedding Balloons.
  • Online Webpage Photo Gallery.
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Buddhist Blessing - Highly Recommended Activity during your vacation in Thailand
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